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Tucked away in downtown Las Cruces, the Rio Grande Theatre a completely modern performing arts center with a digital projector, sound and lighting systems. While sitting in one of the 422 seats you will enjoy the productions amazing visuals and sounds. Acoustical panels shape the sound to increase your audio experience all while keeping you comfortable with their climate controlled facility.

The Rio Grande Theatre has been entertaining people for over 70 years and is the only remaining two-story adobe theatre in the country. In 2005, the Dona Ana Arts Council renovated and reopened the facility and it has become the heart of performance art culture in the Las Cruces area. They host films, literary events, free perfomances, and special lectures.

With a paid staff of just five and a volunteer board of up to twenty-five, you may ask how DAAC can successfully fulfill our mission.The answer is volunteers, and we have numerous opportunities for volunteers at just about any commitment level. There are numerous volunteer opportunities at the Rio Grande Theatre including gallery docents and ushers.

Also located in the Rio Grande Theatre is the El Paso Electric Gallery and the Carolene de Mesilla Information Center & Gallery. They have exhibits year-round galleries focused on artists from the Las Cruces area. Each exhibit has an opening reception hosted by the DAAC and the artist in attendance in conjunction with the Downtown Ramble on the first Friday evening of each month.

Anyway you spin it, the Rio Grande is a treasure trove of New Mexican arts & culture with something to offer everyone.

For more information, with specific event dates and times visit their website or call (575) 523-6403

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Financing Isn't Just a Buyer Concern - Homes for Sale in Las CrucesMany of our Las Cruces sellers start out thinking that financing is only a concern when they are on the buyer side of the table. However, it is important for sellers to be aware of the financing situation with the sale of their new home.

For instance, how will you respond to these questions?

Are you willing to consider an FHA offer?
Will you hold the mortgage yourself for high interest and a five-year balloon?
Can I take over your VA loan if I'm not a veteran?
Would you drop your price $15,000 for all cash?

Preparing to judge the buyer's financing proposal requires homework on your part. Become familiar with the possibilities. Ask a mortgage consultant for a briefing on the current alternatives. Find out about new and innovative loan programs as they become available locally. Some lenders are more than pleased to provide a spreadsheet or flier for you to give to prospective buyers, showing several possible lending scenarios for your particular home in exchange for the marketing exposure they receive.

There is no single best financing plan out there. More than a hundred different mortgage plans are available from lending institutions in almost any given area. Each of these plans is there because it fits a certain situation best-buyer's need, seller's convenience, type of property.

Asking, "What's the best mortgage around right now?" is like asking a Las Cruces resident "Who has the best enchiladas in town?"

Most lenders in Las Cruces, working with a customer, develops a financing strategy for that buyer within the first few minutes of conversation. Recent bankruptcy? Better search for an assumable mortgage. Two young professionals with gradually increasing incomes? Suggest an adjustable-rate mortgage starting them out with the lowest possible monthly payments. A small business owner just getting established? Find a portfolio lender who is more generous with its loan program guidelines.

If you are using a Realtor, they will perform a cursory prequalification on the buyer, if this has not already been done by the buyer's agent or by a loan consultant ahead of time. The process involves an analysis of income, debts, assets, credit scores, and available cash to determine whether the buyer is financially capable of purchasing your home.

For these reasons and more it is important to work with a qualified and experienced Realtor in Las Cruces. We hope you will consider working with us to sell your home.

For all of your Real Estate needs
The Bruder Real Estate Team of Las Cruces is here to assist you.
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When you are ready to take it to the next level, contact us and we'll be happy to help. Visit our comprehensive one-stop website for all the Las Cruces Real Estate Information you are looking for. For information about The Evelyn Bruder Dream Team, what we do and how we can provide all of your real estate needs, visit our real estate services page.

Home Sellers Guide - Bruder Real Estate Team of Las Cruces

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Buyers Remorse - Homes for Sale in Las CrucesHave you ever bought a new car and the next day started to question whether or not you made the right decision? Have you ever bought a new, expensive TV only to find great deals in the paper the next day?

It happens to many homeowners too. You find the right home, go through the process, sign the closing paper, get your keys, and you're finally a homeowner! How exciting. But later that day, some troubling questions creep into your mind: Did I make the right decision? What if I paid too much? What if a better house for me is out there and I'll never know it?

Buyer's remorse is a common, and unsettling, feeling for new home buyers. Your home is likely the most expensive purchase you'll ever make, so it makes sense if you start to wonder whether you made the right choice. But if the feeling is getting you down, follow these dos and don'ts to manage your mindset.

Do revisit your home wish list. Whether you wrote a short list detailing every dream you have ever had in a home, or you just had a few ideas stored in your head, you had a specific home in mind while you were house hunting. If you're feeling regretful about your purchase, compare your initial home wish list to the home you bought. Does it have all or most of the features you wanted? If so, your buyer's remorse is likely a fleeting feeling that will subside once you start getting settled in. If your home is different from your list, remind yourself why you made those compromises.

Don't look at other houses. It's tempting to continue perusing real estate listings or slowing down every time you drive by a "For Sale" sign, but please refrain. Looking at other houses is bound to make you wonder what you missed out on. Instead, focus on the features you love about your new home.

Do start decorating. If your new house is still empty, it might not feel like "home" to you yet. So start making it your own. Paint the walls, display your favorite artwork and hang stylish window treatments.

Don't let others bring you down. While some people in your life will be eager to celebrate your new home, others might not be so enthusiastic. Let's face it: We all have those people in our lives that can take the excitement out of even our happiest moments. If they start to criticize your home's location, the crown molding or the price you paid for it, don't let them get to you. Instead, surround yourself with positive people who will reinforce your decision.

Do take a break. From the time you start searching for a home online to the moment you sign your closing papers, the home-buying process can feel like it's taken over your life. If your normal routines were disrupted by house hunting
and loan applications, take a break and get back on track. Whether you went for nightly walks or read to the kids before bed, start getting back into your pre-home-purchase habits to subdue your stress. You may even want to take a weekend getaway to clear your head. When you get back, you'll be ready to start moving in!

Have questions? Email me at or download our free in-depth home buyers guide!

Home Buyer's Guide - Bruder Real Estate Team of Las Cruces

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Bad-Curb-AppealYour curb appeal-the appearance of your house and surrounding yard-has a lot to say about you. Good curb appeal says you care about your home and your neighborhood. Flub your curb appeal factor, though, and you'll trash your property value and detract from nearby houses, too. Here are some classic curb appeal no-nos.

Stay in synch with your neighborhood
Sure, you've got flair and panache. But take it too far, and your house becomes the proverbial sore thumb of the neighborhood. Better to put your money toward regular maintenance and energy-efficient upgrades that provide a return on your investment.

Stash your trash
You don't have to be a pro appraiser to know that a yard drowning in junk is a sure way to devalue your property. It's also an invitation for stray critters to move right in.

Choose exterior colors wisely
OK, you're an artistic individualist. We get it. But shock value is highly overrated when it comes to curb appeal. Your exterior color choices should be in harmony with other Las Cruces homes in your neighborhood. Scout around first before you paint or stain-your neighbors will thank you.

Hire a landscape designer
If you don't know what you're doing when it comes to making an attractive front yard, hire somebody who does. A modest investment in a pro landscape plan will pay off big-time when it comes time to sell your house. If you're adverse to regular lawn maintenance, consider a condo or an apartment.

A place for everything
You may be proud of your diligent recycling and trash maintenance routine, but that doesn't mean it should be on display for the world to see. Keep trash bins off to the side, and build a low-cost privacy screen to hide them from view.

Chained to a bad fence option
Chain link fence is sturdy, reliable, and relatively inexpensive. It's great for bordering back and side yards, but out front, it's flat-out ugly. With so many great fencing options available at a fairly modest cost, you owe it to yourself to re-fence. (And while you're at it, trim that grass!)

When high-tech is low-cool
Technology has brought many wonderful things into our lives-but good-looking exteriors aren't necessarily included. If you're a techno-geek, keep your antennae and solar collectors hidden from view behind shrubbery or privacy screens. Or forget trying to communicate with extraterrestrials and just rent "Mars Attacks" on DVD.

Ease up on the lawn ornaments
Front yards are great for well-trimmed shrubs and fetching flowers, but they really, really aren't the place to display your fetish. Keep ornaments to a minimum; when it comes to good curb appeal, moderation is a virtue, and helps preserve the value of your property.

Have you seen bad curb appeal in your neighborhood? Share your stories below. 

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When you are ready to take it to the next level, contact us and we'll be happy to help. Visit our comprehensive one-stop website for all the Las Cruces Real Estate Information you are looking for. For information about The Evelyn Bruder Dream Team, what we do and how we can provide all of your real estate needs, visit our real estate services page.

Home Sellers Guide - Bruder Real Estate Team of Las Cruces

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White Sands, New Mexico - Homes for Sale in Las Cruces, New MexicoThe White Sands National Monument is a must-see for any family in Southern New Mexico. The White Sands National Monument is a vast 275-mile white sand desert sitting just a short drive from Las Cruces. The scenic beauty of the white sands offers breathtakingly beautiful recreation your whole family will enjoy.

The White Sands National Monument is a vast desert of huge, undulating white sand dunes. Our family loves walking barefoot through the sandy dunes. Keep your eyes open for animals or even small footprints they leave behind in the white sands as your family explores the White Sands National Monument.

White Sands

While your family is at the White Sands National Monument, you can enjoy hiking across the white sand dunes on four marked trails. These trails are not handicap accessible but are relatively easy to navigate. You can also park your car on various parking areas off the main road and give your family time to explore on your own. There is also an eight mile, two lane road that takes you from the visitors center at the front of White Sands National Monument and through the park.

At the visitors center, your family can enjoy a short, educational film about the history of White Sands National Park and its evolution over time. There are also numerous displays and exhibits covering the history, wildlife, and geology of the area. In the visitors center, your family can also visit the gift shop where disk sleds are available for purchase or rental, giving your family the opportunity for several hours of all-seasons funsledding down the white sand dunes.

White Sands National Monument is located adjacent to the White Sands Missile Range. Occasionally, the White Sands National Monument closes due to missile testing at the Missile Range. Call ahead before your family vacation to White Sands National Monument to ensure the site is open on the day of your visit.

White Sands National Monument is a simply stunning natural landscape that your family will remember for years to come. Include White Sands National Monument on your list of must-see attractions on your trip to New Mexico.

Our kids love jumping off the sand dunes at White Sands. If you've been there before, what's your favorite thing to do there?

Learn more about White Sands National Monument at our Guide to Las Cruces website

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