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There are plenty of things, big and small, that work against you when trying to sell your house. Some things are out of your control and some are! Let's go over 6 houses and see why they aren't selling!

Ugly UFO House

There are Ultra-Modern houses and then there are space ships. Besides the glares you'll get from your neighbors, the biggest downside is that in the event of an interplanetary war this house will be seized and put on the front lines.
Very Pink, Non-Neutral Staging

The seller of this house had trouble seperating the buyers from those who were just there to attend the Antiques Roadshow.
Very Small House

Space-efficient is an understatement. Don’t expect to be inviting people over anytime soon!
Twisted House

Modern art is not for everyone.
Houses on Fire won't Sell

Selling a house that is on fire isn't always a good idea. Yes, it is a hot property and it is about to have an open floor plan but not everybody likes orange.
Fixer Upper

"Retro" seems to always be in style. Not so in Real Estate. Most people will not appreciate "Depression-Era Charm."
Now if you need some more down to earth advice on how to make you home sell faster please take a look at our free eBook that covers 450 Ideas to help you!

450 ideaa to sell your home faster, selling a home in Las Cruces

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Organization is the key to a clean home! Let's take a look at some of the more clever and non-traditional organization techniques!

Mark or Label Everything!

Label everything!

It's not really clever or non-traditional but one of the most basic organizing principles is one of the most important. Marking and Labeling. This doesn't mean you need to go buy a label maker and go crazy! You can use colors, pictures, in addition to or in conjunction with labels.

Magazine Rack to Store Pot Lids

Magazine Rack to Store Lids

Pot and Pan lids are the scourge of many organizing amateurs. By using a magazine rack on a tall door or a curtain/towel rod on smaller doors.

Magnetic Spice Rack on The Side of the Fridge

Magnetic Spice Rack using Tins

Putting different spices in small metal tins and then attaching them to the refrigerator saves quite a bit of counter and cabinet space!

Utilize Deep Kitchen Drawers Properly

Utilize Deep Kitchen Drawers Properly

Most people use deep kitchen drawers improperly. By putting dividers in these draws you can create vertical sections that are perfect for utensils.

Under-shelving is under-appreciated!

Use that Undershelving!

One of the most under-utilized parts of your cabinets are just under the shelves. Look at it, plenty of wasted space. No more! Check these out!

Hang Belts and/or Ties on a Sliding Rack

Slide out Tie/Belt Rack

Space efficiency is the key with this idea. A small rack on rollers(or even without) can fit almost anywhere and use some space that wouldn’t normally be used.

Hang Eyewear

Hanging Eyewear

Storing eyewear could be tricky. You don’t want them on the floor and putting them all in a box can end up with lots of lens scratches. Hanging them from a hanger solves both of these problems!

Shoe Organizer Works for Cleaning Supplies!

Shoe Organizer

Using a shoe organizer, like the one pictured, is excellent when used for organizing your cleaning supplies!

Remember that a clean home is a happy home! Not only that but a clean, organized home will sell for more! If you want additional ideas download the ebook below for 450 more ideas! You can also contact me directly through email at for all of your Las Cruces real estate needs.

450 ideaa to sell your home faster, selling a home in Las Cruces

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Is It Time to Replace Your Windows? New Windows

Believe it or not, a common question we get from sellers and buyers is whether or not they should replace windows or ask to have windows replaced.

How do you know if replacing windows is a good idea?

  • When you sit next to your windows is the air around them noticeably cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer?
  • If you place your hand on the interior glass, is the glass cold in the winter and warm in the summer?
  • Turn off the lights and slowly move a candle around the perimeter of the window. Is the flame dancing?
  • Do your windows get stuck in the open or closed position?
  • Is there any broken glass or trim on the inside or the outside?
  • Is there rotten trim hidden under the paint.

If any answered yes to any of these than you more than likely need to replace your windows.

There are lot's of different brands of windows to choose from. Some of the most popular, as well as expensive, are Pella, Marvin, and Anderson windows. You don't need to buy the most expensive windows that money can buy in order to get a quality product. Check out brands like Eagle, Bonneville, and the 200 series from Anderson. You'll find that these brands are very competitively priced and that the windows are very high quality.

If all goes well, replacement windows are very easy to install. But how often does everything go perfectly according to plan?

I always hire a contractor for these types of jobs. It's not worth the headache and the hassle that comes along with a medium sized home improvement project like this one.

Before doing the work yourself, get a few quotes from local contractors. They can usually replace a house full of windows in a day and the peace of mind is often well worth the price.

Home Sellers Guide - Bruder Real Estate Team of Las Cruces

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6th Annual SalsaFest Las Cruces New MexicoTaking place on Saturday, August 23rd through Sunday, August 24th is the 6th Annual Salsa Fest! The festival takes place at the Downtown Mall between Las Cruces and Griggs Streets.

This festival will be fun for the whole family with activities for everyone! There will be a salsa making competition and competitors will create their salsa from scratch on-site and will compete for cash, prizes and awards. Live salsa music will fill the entire competition as will salsa dancing. If you're feeling a bit more competitive you can enter the salsa dancing competition. For the younger salsa fans there will be plenty of events including a live puppet show, a magician, jumping balloons, and plenty of games. Admission prices depend on which package you purchase and which days you want to attend. Check the poster for more information.

For more information about the event call 575-525-1955.

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Bathroom Makeover

Over the many years that we've been helping buyers and sellers with their Las Cruces homes, we've learned one thing about bathrooms: Your bathroom is a utilitarian space in your home. That means it's often high on function, but low on design.

Upping the appearance of your home's bathroom however, doesn't need to involve a demolition team and a big chunk of your annual salary. We've worked with hundreds of sellers, many of whom simply invested a weekend and less than $500 to completely change the look of their outdated and tired bathroom. Why? Because a small investment in an updated bathroom equals a potential increase in your home's value when you're in the market to sell.

Paint: $15-30

Like any room in your home, the bathroom immediately improves with a coat of paint, looking cleaner and updated without spending a ton of money. If you have a small bathroom, consider buying lighter paint to make the room appear larger. Try a satin or eggshell finish paint that holds up better to moisture and cleaning. Have more time? Re-stain or paint the cabinets as well.

Faucet, knobs, pulls $5-150

Like your kitchen, your bathroom has a lot of cabinets and drawers. Rather than spending hundreds to replace them, put in new knobs and pulls for an instant facelift. Even the most blah cabinets look better with brushed nickel hardware. For about $100 more, you can also replace the faucet to coordinate the bathroom's look.

New or updated mirror: $30-150

Let's face it: The medicine cabinet is usually not the most attractive feature in a bathroom. Consider replacing yours with one or two flat mirrors. Worried about storage space? Use wicker baskets or shelving to hold your bathroom toiletries. If you already have a large mirror above the sink, try framing it for a quick update. Purchase molding - wood or tile works well - and attach it around the edges of the mirror using an adhesive like Liquid Nails.

Update lighting: $20-$150

In a small room such as the bathroom, good lighting matters. A dark bathroom immediately looks dingier and makes getting ready for work in the morning more difficult. Update those old sconces with lighting that fits with the theme of your bathroom. Don't have the money or know-how to replace the lighting? Put in new glass shades for an affordable and easy fix.

Accessories: $10-$60

Swapping out a moldy shower curtain and stained towels is the simplest and least expensive way to update the entire look of the bathroom. Stick with a simple color palette and don't overdo the accessories. Use drawer and countertop organizers to reduce clutter, which makes the room seem smaller. As a finishing touch, add a framed piece of art on a wall or potted plant.

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