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During the winter months, you spend much more time indoors and usually find a project or two to keep you busy. Colder temperatures outside give you time to sit inside and try and recall why you thought painting the walls an avocado green was a good idea.
In this post, we will be going over a few different home improvement projects that are well-suited for those winter months!


Remodelling a Basement
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Automate your Homes Temperature!

1. Install A Programmable Thermostat
The first utility bill of the colder months is always a bit of an eye opener. You suddenly begin to take a closer look at your energy use, which can skyrocket, trying to keep your home warm. A very easy, money-saving project is to install a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat will allow you to automatically set the temperature for different times of the day. You can program it to start heating up just before you wake up, then shut off when you leave, then start warming up the house just before you get back home. Doing this makes sure that you aren't wasting any energy heating the house when nobody is there. Installation is extremely easy and can cost as low as $25.

2. Insulate The Water Heater
Insulating your water heater during the winter months seems to be overlooked quite often. 120 degrees Fahrenheit is generally the ideal temperature. If you want to turn it down, when it's not in use, insulation can help keep the water hot. Installation is straightforward and you can by insulation kits at your local hardware store.

3. Paint A Room
As I said before, sometimes during the winter, you start to re-examine prior home improvement choices. If you find you made a bad judgment, or just need a change, re-painting a room is an excellent choice for a project. A quick, do-it-yourself paint project doesn't cost very much but can change the feel of an entire room! If springtime comes and you find you don't like it anymore, just paint it again!

Programmable Thermostat
image credit: Basement Detective
What will your basement become?

4. Refinish the basement

Refinishing your basement is best done in the winter. You will most likely have to hire a contractor for the project and contractors are more available in winter. Why not the kitchen or living room? Well, usually when you are remodeling your kitchen or living room you end up spending a lot of time outside. This makes those choices best left for the warmer seasons. The basement on the otherhand is not a central room and would only be a minor inconvenience.

5. Get Organized
Pick a room and clear up the clutter. Not only will this make the room look better, but it will also help with cabin fever. Don't feel like organizing a whole room? What getting a closet-organizing system? How about going through those kitchen cabinets? The beauty of this project is that you can pick the scale of the project to suit your comfort level.

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Having complete control over the amount of modifications to your home is one of the advantages of owning your own home. Some of these ideas will not fly if your are renting your home. See why now is the perfect time to buy!


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5 Ways to Boost the Value of Your Home

There are plenty of ways to improve the value of your home whether you want to sell up or just invest some money into the place that you live.

Of course building an extension is one strategy, but that isn't exactly practical or affordable for the majority of people. So here are 5 alternatives which won't cost quite as much and can quickly add a little bit of value whilst at the same time making your home a little bit nicer to live in.


This is one of the simplest ways to quickly reinvigorate your home if it is looking a little bit shabby. You are never going to make a fortune just by painting a few walls of course, but if your decor is looking a little shabby, a fresh lick of paint can make your house a whole lot more salable and it will certainly pay for itself in terms of the cost.

Update the Exterior

Curb appeal really does matter and if the outside of the building is out of date or run down it could knock significant value off of your house, so consider putting right what you can, make sure your windows look solid, clean and are in fitting with the type of home (sash and case windows go great with cottage style homes) - replacing them if needed, make sure your guttering is all in place and consider re-painting your front door if needed.

Redo the Garden

Just as can the outside of your house, having a shabby and unkempt garden can cost your house a significant amount of money. Tidying up your garden doesn't have to be expensive, just having a well kept lawn and keeping it free from weeds might be all you need - but a nicely landscaped

Loft Extension

This is a slightly more expensive job, but it is certainly cheaper than a full extension and if you happen to have a good sized loft an extra bedroom can actually add significant value onto your home. The key is to use the space effectively, don't leave yourself with a house that doesn't make much sense - like having 4 bedrooms and only 1 rest room.

New Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house in terms of value, and if your kitchen is looking a bit old or un-inspiring, getting a new one can often add significant value. If you are able to fit the kitchen yourself you can potentially make a profit, but even if you have to pay someone else, you will probably add enough value to offset the cost of the investment.

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450 ideaa to sell your home faster, selling a home in Las Cruces

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What A Seller Should Never Say!

What A Sellers Says Can And Will Sabotage a Sale!

Wherever possible a seller should not even be home or be the one to show their home to a potential buyer and their agent. However, situations do arise in which it is necessary for the seller to show their home. But, one of those reasons should not be a seller who just wants to be involved in showing off their home. The seller should leave when the buyer and their agent arrive. It is the incidental comments to, or answers to questions from, the buyer or their agent on the way out that can kill the sale.

Things a Home Seller Should Never Discuss

A buyer's agent will try to get every advantage in negotiating a sale for their client by pulling personal information out of a seller when the seller is willing to provide it.

All too often, sellers answer questions put to them by other agents because they don't see it as a mistake to provide what they feel is "just information". But what they can say to an agent or the buyer can have big implications.
Here are some things a seller should never talk about with a buyer, regardless of how innocent the topic might seem:

1.The present sales price.
2.The length of time the home has been for sale.
3.Why the seller has decided to sell.
4.The comparable sales prices of other homes.
5.Any price reduction considerations.
6.Things that might be wrong with the home
7.How many offers the seller has received.
8.How quickly the seller would like to close.

It is "Miranda" all over again: anything a seller says can and will be used against the seller when the buyer enters negotiations to buy that home. If a seller, for example, mentions that she hopes the home sells soon because she's under contract to buy another home, the buyer knows this is an opportunity to squeeze every concession they can out of the seller.

The best thing a seller can say to respond to any of those questions is:
You will have to ask my agent that question.

•Buuuutt, I just wanna know if you've had any offers yet.
Answer: You will have to ask my agent that question.

•Can't you tell me if your home has been on the market for 7 days or 7 months?
Come on, this is not a hard question!
Answer: You will have to ask my agent that question.

•If we wrote an offer today, would you be willing to reduce the price by $10,000?
Answer: You will have to ask my agent that question.

This is the reason you hire a real estate agent to sell your home. A listing agent is the buffer between the seller and the buyer, including the buyer's agent. Your agent earns their commission by protecting you and your investment.



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First time home buyers usually have the same first question. Should I wait until I find the perfect home or settle in a timely manner? This question has a surprisingly easy answer. For your first home, buy a home that fits your needs at a price that you can handle.Family in Front of House - Rent to Own

Your first step should make a list of everything you NEED in a house. It’s going to be really hard for your first home but you’ll want to REALLY differentiate yours wants from your needs. Now have your real-estate agent conduct a search based on your list of criteria. Narrow the search results down to your favorites. Some things you’ll need to think about when deciding if it meets your needs are:

Number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, garage space, type of lawn, traffic, noise level, noise level, school reputations, and distance to stores.

We have prepared a checklist to fill out for each of the houses you have your eye on. Click Here for the checklist!

As with any negotiations, it’s not wise for you to try and outbid your competition on EVERY home you see. Bid reasonably and eventually you will win.

The upshot of this blog is: buy the house you need at the price you can afford!

Still hungry for more information? Fortunately, we have just the thing for you. Check out our website dedicated to giving first time home buyers like you all the information you need to make buying your first home a smart, well-informed, and pleasant experience. You can also follow us on facebook and twitter.

First Time Home Buyers - Your First Home in Las Cruces

First Time Home Buyers

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  Looking for a home in Las Cruces? Then we have the perfect event for you! The Las Cruces Homes Builders Association is hosting the Spring 2015 Showcase of Homes. This year the LCHBA has 28 homes spread throughout Las Cruces. The houses vary in design, styles, and building techniques. This showcase is great for someone in the market for a home, or someone looking for ideas to apply to your current home. This year there is a special showcase, The Twilight Tour. The tour features the lighting elements of each home, which gives the buyer a different perspective of the homes being showcased. This event is something you don't want to miss. Below is a chart & map to locate details on homes in the Spring showcase.

The Las Cruces Home Builders Association hasbeen working tirelessly to be the voice of the building industry in Southern New Mexico. It was established in 1959, and has been constantly changing and improving over the years to promote professionalism in the industry, advocate for a balanced economy in Southern New Mexico, and providing educational opportunities about the industry for the community. Currently they have over 300 builder Members, associate members, and affiliates, who are working in association with the LCHBA to ensure that they continue to meet their goals and grow. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, this event gives buyers or anyone interested in viewing a home the opportunity to do so.

WHEN: April 25-27 & May 2-4

Fridays 4pm-7pm • Saturdays 10am - 7pm • Sundays 12pm - 5pm

The Twilight Tour Friday May 2, 2014 4 pm - 9:30 pm

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