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Moving with your Pets to your Las Cruces HomeHey everyone!

I am starting a 3 part series on one of the most overlooked parts of moving to or around Las Cruces! Your pets! Sure, you're aren't going to forget your pets, but many people underestimate how complex a task it can be! It can quickly become stressful for both you and your pet. This blog series will help the transition be as smooth as possible for both you and your pets.

Prep Work

One of the most important preperations to moving is to keep a normal routine for your pet. Leave their beds, litter boxes, and food dishes in their usual places up until moving day. The same goes for their meal times.

If at all possible, try to pack little by little leading up to moving day. This will help lessen the confusion of a complete and sudden change in their environment.

Seal Boxes. I know this sounds like a pain, especially the farther away from moving day you are, but most pets are naturally curious and they may unpack some boxes for you way ahead of time.

Don't ignore your pets. I know that this time will be crazy for you but imagine how your pets feel. They may be more stressed out than they let on so make sure you give them some attention.


A Short Car Ride

If you are only moving a short distance away, it is a good idea to get your pets acquainted with your new Las Cruces home. Take a short car ride to your new home and let you pet explore it for themselves. It doesn’t need to be a day trip, just an hour or two. Make sure you secure all exits (doors, windows, gates, etc.) so they don’t make a getaway.

Long Car Ride

If your pets don’t have much travel experience, start taking them on short car rides a few weeks before the move. Moving day will be much less stressful if they are used to car travel.

Make sure you get reservations at pet-friendly hotels/motels ahead of time. Most hotels/motels are not pet friends and getting one on short notice can be problematic.

Put together a “Travel Kit” for your pets. Include in this kit food, litter (for a cat), bottled water, a few treats, their favorite toy, paper towels, leash, any medication they need, and air freshener.

Air Travel

Find out about your airlines policy on pets as early as possible. They will have regulations that have to be met before they board your pet.

Reserve a spot for your pet as early as possible. Space for pets is limited so reconfirm 48 hours before departure.

Book a direct flight, if possible. The fewer layovers and stops will reduce the stress on your pet.

It is usually required to have identification tags must be present on your pet at all times. Even if your pet is microchipped, make sure your pet has id tags on his collar.

Other Tips

Check on local ordinances. Some states and cities have restrictions on so-called aggressive breeds.

Pack a recent photo and written description of your pet just incase your pet pulls a Harry Houdini and escapes.

Obtain a copy of your animals health records from your vet. And research a new vet near your new home.

Next Week we will go over some tips for moving day. Moving day is probably the most chaotic and you want to make the transition as smooth as possible!

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Las Cruces Farmers and Crafts MarketWouldn't it be great to have the number one large farmers markets right around the corner and easily accessible? Fortunately, we have one! The Las Cruces Farmers and Crafts Market has won multiple awards over the past few years and has become a staple of Las Cruces living. The market started in 1971 when a group of the local farmers decided to sell directly to the community. As Las Cruces grew so did the Farmers market and what started as a small group has grown to over 50 venders on Wednesday and burgeoning to over 200 venders on the Saturday Market.

Las Cruces Farmers and Crafts MarketA benefit the Farmers and Crafts Market has is that it is located in New Mexico which has a long growing season. This means that the market can stay open year-round! A little more locally, the market is located in downtown Las Cruces. This location gets a huge amount of foot-traffic during the week, which is why the market is also open on Wednesdays, and is also extremely accessible to a large number of people at once.

The Las Cruces Farmers and Crafts Market has become not just a market the benefits the local economy but also a huge weekly social interaction and entertainment event.The market provides food, friends, family, music, and entertainment for all ages.

FOr more information about the farmers market visit their website:


To learn even more about Las Cruces Arts and Culture visit our

Guide to Las Cruces Website

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Hello, Everyone!

Today we're discussing the benefits of homeownership and why owning your own home is a good idea. Next time, we will take a closer look at the proverbial other side of the coin in an effort to provide a balanced view of this controversial topic, so that you can decide for yourself whether or not owning a home is right for you.

Alright, so you've heard that owning your own home is a good thing, but why? Here are some of the answers I found. For more information, click on the source links provided after each segment:


  1. Freedom from noisy neighbors. In many cases, your own home provides you with more privacy than rental living. For some people this translates into a more quiet living environment, for others it's the ability to have a garden or a garage for the car. 
  2. The ability to change your home as you like. Always wanted a yellow kitchen or a back porch? In your own home, you make whatever changes or improvements you like. This benefit gives you more control over your living environment, allowing you to make adjustments as your family changes or just as your personal taste dictates.
  3. Parents who own their own home may be helping to boost their children's educational achievements and even reduce behavioral problems, according to a new nationwide study. The research showed that for children living in owned homes rather than rental units, math achievement scores are up to 9 percent higher, reading achievement is up to 7 percent higher and behavioral problems are 1 to 3 percent lower. One of the main reasons that children of homeowners did better was the differences in living environment, Haurin said. Findings showed that owning a home compared with renting leads to a 13 to 23 percent higher-quality home environment. Owners have more of an incentive to make improvements in their home and create a more positive living environment, Haurin said. "They may be able to do things like create a better play area for their children, which could help their intellectual development. The benefits of homeownership were also shown by the fact that children did better the longer they lived in owned homes.
  4. Homeownership builds confidence. Owners possess significantly higher levels of self-confidence than renters.
  5. Homeowners are more involved in civic affairs, including voting in the last election and knowing their elected officials.
  6. Homeownership builds wealth. The median net worth of most modest-income owners is almost $60,000 compared to less than $10,000 for renters in the same income group.
  7. Homeownership provides tax benefits. The typical homeowner that pays a $1,000 house payment will realize tax savings of about $120 each month.
  8. Homeownership contributes toward lower crime rates. Homeownership and a stable housing helps contribute toward lowering crime rates. Homeowners have a greater financial stake than do renters especially in the case of property crimes or other crimes in their neighborhood. Hence, homeowners have more reason to prevent crime by working with the society and participating in crime prevention programs. The research also states that homeowners are less likely to become crime victims. Homeownership lowers dependency on public assistance. Homeownership and stable housing in a stable neighborhood brought down the rate of teenage pregnancy consecutively reducing the use of public assistance. Another research points out that homeowners are able to cope better after being laid off from their jobs because they can access their home equity credit lines rather than turn to public assistance.

I hope today's blog entry will help get you thinking about the benefits of homeownership! There are some strong opinions and supporting evidence from credible sources out there that seem pretty convincing. But is homeownership for you? Check out our upcoming blog entry to get the other side of the story and decide for yourself! We welcome your input, opinions, ideas and suggestions! If you have something to share with us on this topic, please post your comments on this discussion.Return frequently to see what is new,

You can also visit our website dedicated to helping first time home buyers! You can also follow us on twitter and facebook for even more tips for first-time home buyers! Click here to Download the COMPLETE Home Finance Guide right now!

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Home Buyers Guide - Homes for Sale in Las Cruces

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Making it to a Real Estate Closing

Making it through A Real Estate ClosingSuccessful participation in real estate negotiations is dependent on your complete understanding of local laws and the specific contents of every contract with which you are involved. Although technical negotiations are critical, it is every bit as important to support your clients emotionally and help make sure their path to closing is a smooth one.

One of the most stressful events of the transaction for both sellers and buyers is the home inspection. It's not unusual for everyone to be on edge until they hear the results, even if they think the house will breeze through with no problems. Try to get your sellers to relax. Let them know that if repair issues do occur, they can nearly always be handled so that all parties are happy with the outcome.

If there are serious problems with the house, they should certainly be disclosed to buyers before an offer is made. However, there are several things that buyers perceive as problems that truly aren't. Your sellers can keep the home from failing inspection by taking care of a few issues that always make buyers wonder if repairs are needed.

Be sure to remove all traces of mold and mildew inside and outside the house. Remove the source of dampness that allowed them to grow. Cover bare earth in crawl spaces and unfinished basements to place a barrier between the house and the earth. Exposed dirt is a source of moisture that can encourage insects and mold growth.

If buyers ask for repairs, you'll be responsible for helping your seller decide whether or not to make requested changes. Remember that the contract between the buyer and seller plays a crucial role in all repair issues and determines which items can and cannot be included in requests.

Water entering a basement often does so because of poor drainage, not because the foundation needs to be repaired. (Although, the foundation can become an issue over time if the poor drainage is not dealt with properly.) To improve drainage, clean the home's gutters and make sure downspouts are pointed away from the home's foundation, and that in-ground drainage avenues are clog free.

Another way to eliminate potential sources of moisture is to make sure that flashing around the base of chimneys is watertight and that the chimney's mortar and bricks are in good condition. Replace deteriorated shingles if possible.

Your sellers live in the house, so they are probably aware of little things that should be fixed. Make them aware that buyers nearly always question a home's overall condition when their inspection report contains a long list of items that need to be repaired. Handling a long list of little things early on will help them breeze through the inspection later.

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Still deciding on your resolutions and goals? Need a few words of wisdom?
Here are 10 Resolutions to guide you through 2015

Clock1. Begin.
The greatest miracle of your success will not be that you finished, it will be that you had the courage to begin.

2. Work hard on the essential.
Don't be busy, be productive. Don't track your time, track your results. Don't make your goal easy; it's supposed to be hard. The hard part is what makes it worthwhile.

3. Be self-confident.
You have everything you need within you to become the best possible version of YOU. Believe that you CAN. Believe that you're young enough, old enough, smart enough and strong enough to achieve your goals.

4. Focus on solutions.
There are always problems, there are always challenges. Transform those problems and challenges into great opportunities. Focus on solutions and work your way eagerly toward a brighter future.

Smiley Face5. Accept the things you can't change.
What you resist persists. Choose to accept what is, be positive and proactive, let go of the need to control every tiny detail, and embrace peace in the process.

6. Leave the past where it belongs.
Don't use the past as an excuse to miss out on today. Acceptance truly is the bitter pill you have to bravely swallow to move beyond yesterday's problems. History only dictates the future if you allow it.

7. Set a good example.
It's not about what you say; it's about how you live your life every day. Choose to believe that you can and will change lives with what you do each day, and you will. Let your actions speak for themselves.

8. Be sincerely kind to everyone around you.
Through kindness you have the ability to make a profound difference in every life you touch, including your own. You will feel yourself healing and growing stronger.

Holding Hands9. Show your love.
Relationships last a lifetime only when two people make a choice to keep it, fight for it, and work for it. Acts of love just need to be true, and true love is always shown in deeds, not words.

10. Help change one life.
YOU can make a difference in the world. What you do truly matters. In fact, the vast majority of positive changes come about in someone's life simply because one other person cares for them, believes in them, and motivates them. So be that one person, even if it's to only one other person.

I subscribe to a wonderful and inspirational blog: Marc and Angel Hack Life
This Blog is excerpted from their blog that can be found: Here!

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