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There are plenty of things, big and small, that work against you when trying to sell your house. Some things are out of your control and some are! Let's go over 6 houses and see why they aren't selling!

Ugly UFO House

There are Ultra-Modern houses and then there are space ships. Besides the glares you'll get from your neighbors, the biggest downside is that in the event of an interplanetary war this house will be seized and put on the front lines.
Very Pink, Non-Neutral Staging

The seller of this house had trouble seperating the buyers from those who were just there to attend the Antiques Roadshow.
Very Small House

Space-efficient is an understatement. Don’t expect to be inviting people over anytime soon!
Twisted House

Modern art is not for everyone.
Houses on Fire won't Sell

Selling a house that is on fire isn't always a good idea. Yes, it is a hot property and it is about to have an open floor plan but not everybody likes orange.
Fixer Upper

"Retro" seems to always be in style. Not so in Real Estate. Most people will not appreciate "Depression-Era Charm."
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